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Last year, I came back from my looong summer holiday with four sketchbooks (two of them which I bought there, when I ran out of space to sketch) packed with drawings. And my head packed with ideas. It was so fruitful, that a lot of material I simply had no time to develop…

So, this year I was well prepared. Suitcase full of sketchbooks, pencils and watercolors…

Well, all I can say is that my drawing trinkets got well rested! No sketches, no brilliant ideas, no thoughts about the new collection!

But – a lot of summer kisses and enjoying the beautiful nature (and food) of Istria, the turquoise colors of Dalmatian sea incomparable to any others… Strolling around with friends’ recommendations written on papers torn from mentioned sketchbooks☺: how to find hidden places, not crowded with tourists…


The summer was perfect! My sketchbook empty!

But, I thought “never mind, I will make a fresh start once I am home…”.

I waited about two weeks for the fresh start to come (too much daydreaming).

But then….slowly, slowly, tiny plant started to grow. Although with no enthusiasm in the beginning, soon I started to feel the usual passion for creation. When I could not leave my work in the evening just because I was trying out yet another thing idea, I knew there was hope ☺


I sketched owls a lot (visits to the Zoo and Google served me well), created ethnic like patterns directly on a computer, researched tapestry motifs…

At first, it was a bit unclear to me how to pack all of it together (the thing I am never quite confident about).

But patterns were created and I was deeply satisfied and fear disappeared.

pattern collection, unique, had drawn, ethnic and vintage inspiration

So, forward to the mock ups to check if the collection is suitable for market (I always have home décor in mind as my first choice). Et voila!

pattern collection mock ups

I looove them, I think this is just what the world needs!!! :))

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