Like any bazaar in the world Twiga Pattern Bazaar is a place where you can enjoy rummaging through delicious stuff, adventurous bargains and colorful scenery. Peek in the fairy tale like illustrations, contemporary twist on timeless traditional patterns and unique hand drawn style designs! Fall in love!

Twiga Pattern Bazaar studio is engaged mainly in home decor and bedding, as well as fashion and paper industry.

I am available for licensing, commissions and freelance work.

For all enquires or to share ideas, please feel free to contact me:


photo Lucija AdamovicHello,

My name is Lucija Adamovic, and I’m a designer behind the brand Twiga Pattern Bazaar.

I’m from Belgrade, Serbia.

I have a background in art and psychology (a “mistake” with a certain benefit :)).

I graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, Belgrade, and I completed postgraduate studies at the Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland.

After the college days, I worked in fashion industry as Print and Pattern Designer and Collection Manager for five years.

As my heart was always in home decoration, after a few years in fashion, grateful for the experience I gained, I moved onto the home decoration industry.

For the next ten years, I worked for a leading furniture and home decoration company in my country. There, I had an amazing opportunity to learn, to explore and to lead projects – from design to final products. I have never lost “Alice in Wonderland” feeling when visiting fairs and producers factories, arranging designs with producers and seeing finished product on the store shelf. And I always find myself melting when I see some item of my design in a home of someone I actually don’t now…

The years of working for a big company were precious and wonderful, but I started to feel restricted in a creative way. The experience I gained gave me enough courage to start chasing strongly a new adventure: a brand and business of my own.

I launched my brand in 2014. For the last 15 years I have known that once I have a brand of my own, it will be called Twiga (a giraffe in Swahili :)). And the “Pattern Bazaar” part  refers to my love for the oriental bazaars, to overwhelming joy and excitement, to the enchanting patterns and touchy textures, to the pleasure I gather from communicating with people.

So Twiga Pattern Bazaar it is!

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!