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Green Green Greenery

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The design market is so vivid, in constant changes nowadays. Each season new colours, often new trendy motifs…

For us, designers it is immensely important to decide weather to respond to trends and how. I’m not quite sure how we do it: decide rationally or by following our personal taste and emotion.

I like to react on upcoming tendencies. It feels good to be competitive and to give clients something that their buyers would love. I do not follow each trend, but the one I can incorporate in my style. But it’s also challenging to use some “unfamiliar” colours or motifs. Sometimes I need pretty much time to find a right way for me to use them, and other times it’s surprisingly ease. One thing is sure, it is great opportunity to refresh one’s portfolio, to bring a new energy to it.

I was playing a lot with Pantone colour trends Greenery and Kale. Maybe Kale fits me better, but I will take more chances on Greenery soon.

Here are some latest colour refreshments in my yard :):





Current Colour Obsession

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I’m busy busy bee in the moment, updating colourways and preparing new mockups.

I would just like to share my absolute enchantment with bordeaux-cobalt blue-dark blue- pale rose pink combination! It is simply hard to resist to put all my patterns into it:)

Ornamental pattern with flowers and horses

About Summer Laziness, Love, New Collection and Other Demons

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Last year, I came back from my looong summer holiday with four sketchbooks (two of them which I bought there, when I ran out of space to sketch) packed with drawings. And my head packed with ideas. It was so fruitful, that a lot of material I simply had no time to develop…

So, this year I was well prepared. Suitcase full of sketchbooks, pencils and watercolors…

Well, all I can say is that my drawing trinkets got well rested! No sketches, no brilliant ideas, no thoughts about the new collection!

But – a lot of summer kisses and enjoying the beautiful nature (and food) of Istria, the turquoise colors of Dalmatian sea incomparable to any others… Strolling around with friends’ recommendations written on papers torn from mentioned sketchbooks☺: how to find hidden places, not crowded with tourists…


The summer was perfect! My sketchbook empty!

But, I thought “never mind, I will make a fresh start once I am home…”.

I waited about two weeks for the fresh start to come (too much daydreaming).

But then….slowly, slowly, tiny plant started to grow. Although with no enthusiasm in the beginning, soon I started to feel the usual passion for creation. When I could not leave my work in the evening just because I was trying out yet another thing idea, I knew there was hope ☺


I sketched owls a lot (visits to the Zoo and Google served me well), created ethnic like patterns directly on a computer, researched tapestry motifs…

At first, it was a bit unclear to me how to pack all of it together (the thing I am never quite confident about).

But patterns were created and I was deeply satisfied and fear disappeared.

pattern collection, unique, had drawn, ethnic and vintage inspiration

So, forward to the mock ups to check if the collection is suitable for market (I always have home décor in mind as my first choice). Et voila!

pattern collection mock ups

I looove them, I think this is just what the world needs!!! :))

Sharing Inspiration

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Often I enjoy exploring a theme, travelling through magical worlds of my inspiration and creating mood boards as much as I enjoy creating patterns and illustrations.

I would like to share with you inspiration and enchanted stories behind some of my patterns. Here are some mood boards, and patterns I created following the inspiration…


mood board floral classicism medallions


mood board ethic nomad garden with ethnic elements and flowers


mood board rusian fairy tale with ethnic elements




Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Rose Quartz

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Just for the start! Adding rose quartz magical dust to some of my favourite designs.

Pantone said it’s hot, I like the stone and secretly believe in it’s power and magic…so here it is for you!

illustration with horses in Pantone Color of the Year Rose Quartz shades


Holiday Freebies!

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It’s been a super adventurous year! I’m happy and thankful you’ve joined the ride! THANKS for following, likes and comments!

And now…holiday freebies! Wallpapers to prettify your beloved phones, pads, laptops or computers.


Click on the size below to download:


DESKTOP: 1280×1024 / 1680×1050 / 1900×1200 / 2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone 5 (640×1136) / iPhone 6 (750×1334) / iPhone 6 plus (1080×1920)

TABLET:  iPad (2048×2048)

Have a super sparkling and beauty packed holidays!

Angels all around

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It’s quite interesting how some theme starts to appear everywhere around when you bring it into focus.

Angels for example!:)

Some really,really beautiful showed themselves last weekend in a bewitching little monastery Tronosa (near Loznica,Serbia).




Domestic mint tea, long walks through the forest ( with a lot of mud on our shoes to prove it), sheep and fresh air were magical as well.



New Inspiration

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I spent the last two months in Croatia, working on a heavenly beautiful small island.
Well, no, I didn’t spend all of my time working.
There was a lot of swimming too, cause no one could resist this color, right?


I enjoyed long walks, reading…delicious fish meals with friends…a cozy place on a balcony with the most thrilling sea view…
I was soaking up the beauty and charm of the old towns of Rovinj and Split, their historic architecture, colors, little caffes, street scenes and the atmosphere.


With all that beauty around me, I was more than inspired. Aside from working on a few arranged projects and commissions, I was collecting hints and inspirations for my future work. I’m sharing with you some pieces of it.




Can’t wait to start working on new patterns and collections. Stay tuned!

Flip-flops Story

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Apart from the Game of Thrones, summer is coming to where I live. Here is my train of thoughts, starting with summer:

summer- sea- sailing- pleasure- flip-flops!

As I can’t put patterns on the first four mentioned above, at least for now :), I will share some flip-flop stories here.

Or we can say: zori, chinelos, infradito, hawai chappal..But whatever we call them, they are equally adorable.

When I started thinking about this theme, I had wandered about the origin of these beauties, so I’ve investigated it a bit.

Well, it were those clever Egyptians! About 1500 BC!

Egypt flip flips

Ancient flip-flops from Egypt, Coptic period


In different variations, flip-flops were obviously faves in India, Africa, South America, Mexico, Japan… They were made of straw, rawhide, palm leaves, rice straw, yucca…

japan  flip flops

Rice-straw flip- flops called zori, Japan


They came to the US from Japan, after the World War II. Europe inherited them from Greeks and Romans.

As each real beauty, flip-flops even made a bit of a scandal. It was in 2005, when they visited the White House, worn by some members of Northwestern University’s women’s lacrosse team. As a respond to critics the team sold mentioned scandal makers on eBay, for $1,653 and donated it to a young cancer patient.

Charming flip-flops became extremely popular, specially when Alpargatas started to produce famous Havaianas in Brazil, in 1962. Due to fabulous design and good quality they are planetary cherished.

I’m very devoted to mine, slip white ones.

My favourites

My favourites


Hey you, beach addicts, surfers, Twiga pattern Bazaar’s lovers! Would you love to have some patterned heart stoppers?

pattern design flip flops navy marine boho

TPB design on flip-flops. “Bohemian sailor” collection.


design pattern flip flops africa tribal ethnic

TPB design on flip-flops.”African summer” collection.


pattern design flip flops ethnic nomad folk horse

TPB design on flip-flops.”Folksy horse parade” collection.


Enjoy the summer!

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