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Apart from the Game of Thrones, summer is coming to where I live. Here is my train of thoughts, starting with summer:

summer- sea- sailing- pleasure- flip-flops!

As I can’t put patterns on the first four mentioned above, at least for now :), I will share some flip-flop stories here.

Or we can say: zori, chinelos, infradito, hawai chappal..But whatever we call them, they are equally adorable.

When I started thinking about this theme, I had wandered about the origin of these beauties, so I’ve investigated it a bit.

Well, it were those clever Egyptians! About 1500 BC!

Egypt flip flips

Ancient flip-flops from Egypt, Coptic period


In different variations, flip-flops were obviously faves in India, Africa, South America, Mexico, Japan… They were made of straw, rawhide, palm leaves, rice straw, yucca…

japan  flip flops

Rice-straw flip- flops called zori, Japan


They came to the US from Japan, after the World War II. Europe inherited them from Greeks and Romans.

As each real beauty, flip-flops even made a bit of a scandal. It was in 2005, when they visited the White House, worn by some members of Northwestern University’s women’s lacrosse team. As a respond to critics the team sold mentioned scandal makers on eBay, for $1,653 and donated it to a young cancer patient.

Charming flip-flops became extremely popular, specially when Alpargatas started to produce famous Havaianas in Brazil, in 1962. Due to fabulous design and good quality they are planetary cherished.

I’m very devoted to mine, slip white ones.

My favourites

My favourites


Hey you, beach addicts, surfers, Twiga pattern Bazaar’s lovers! Would you love to have some patterned heart stoppers?

pattern design flip flops navy marine boho

TPB design on flip-flops. “Bohemian sailor” collection.


design pattern flip flops africa tribal ethnic

TPB design on flip-flops.”African summer” collection.


pattern design flip flops ethnic nomad folk horse

TPB design on flip-flops.”Folksy horse parade” collection.


Enjoy the summer!

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