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The design market is so vivid, in constant changes nowadays. Each season new colours, often new trendy motifs…

For us, designers it is immensely important to decide weather to respond to trends and how. I’m not quite sure how we do it: decide rationally or by following our personal taste and emotion.

I like to react on upcoming tendencies. It feels good to be competitive and to give clients something that their buyers would love. I do not follow each trend, but the one I can incorporate in my style. But it’s also challenging to use some “unfamiliar” colours or motifs. Sometimes I need pretty much time to find a right way for me to use them, and other times it’s surprisingly ease. One thing is sure, it is great opportunity to refresh one’s portfolio, to bring a new energy to it.

I was playing a lot with Pantone colour trends Greenery and Kale. Maybe Kale fits me better, but I will take more chances on Greenery soon.

Here are some latest colour refreshments in my yard :):





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