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Some of the most thrilling moments in my daily life are those when I receive samples of the product I’ve designed.

Adrenaline addicts you should try this one!

But first, we are going to rewind to the very moment creation starts. Often, I start with a collage or illustration. Not always, but starting that way, I feel like I’m telling the story. And each time I’m trying to bewitch my listeners:).

I regularly use patterns to create collages and illustrations. Sometimes those I already have, or ones created just for the purpose.

What I really, really love about making collages is putting almost incompatible patterns and surfaces together, in order to make some quirky harmony out of them.

collage wall art patterns princess

Next, I play with patterns (oh, I love it!), create new ones, adjust some of them, trying different color pairings… to make a new pattern collection.

patterni za work in progres blog

Usually, I do have preferred market when I create collections. So, when I finish a collection I make mockups just to see how it fits. That is hugely exciting for me, so no matter if it is in the middle of the night, I can’t sleep till I see that new cushion!

princess horse cushions za blog

Then, sending designs to the manufacturer and receiving the samples! Happiness itself! (Ok, I could be angry with myself and whole the world if I don’t like them).

And now, forward to photo shooting.

Like that part a lot! I used to do styling for home décor photo shootings for years, and now it’s such a pleasure to work with my own products! What makes it even more pleasurable is that I work with people I know and love. Luckily they are beautiful, full of good energy and with great attitude. All of these make our photos spontaneous, funny, beautiful and inspiring (hope so!)

photo shooting za blog

Now, I only wish you are bewitched!:)

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